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After purchasing sohuuWebcash, if you did not receive an unlock code within 24 hour, please check your Spam, Junk email folder for emails from sohuuWeb. Thank you.
If you decide to earn money by joining, please let sohuuwebcash be your companion.
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Sohuuwebcash monitors the Cashfiesta boy for you, to make sure he never stops walking.

Cashfiesta boy without sohuuwebcash:
He may stop walking, meaning your point, your cash stops counting.

Cashfiesta boy with sohuuwebcash:
He never stops walking,
      ... meaning your point, your cash never stops counting.

As low as 15 USD.
Free life-time upgrade to all further version.
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Starting from sohuuWebcash version 7, the implementation of new technology gives sohuuWebcash the ability to:
-Run on virtual computer/machine, virtual desktop; this gives you the ability to  run many Cashfiesta & sohuuWebcash accounts at the same time on a single computer.
If you could earn 50 USD per month on one Cashfiesta account, now using virtual computers/machines or virtual desktops you would easily earn 150 USD per month by running 3 Cashfiesta & sohuuWebcash accounts at the same time on a single computer.
-Run at the same time with other application which captures the mouse cursor within its own screen/window [Usually it's a gaming application; when you run such an application, the mouse cursor's movement will be limited within the screen/window area of that application].
...In other words, now you have the ability to run cashfiesta & sohuuWebcash while playing games.

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Sohuuwebcash does not contain virus/malware, of any kind.
Our fun is not to give you virus/malware, but to prove our technology could do it better for you than our competitors' could. 

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